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(edit) @8019   18 months kevin Added Arias Intensity and ColorPGA option
(edit) @8013   18 months alexander Fixing format string error with conversion factor
(edit) @8012   18 months alexander Updating with latest changes for USBOR
(edit) @8009   18 months alexander Updating gmewhtmlemail with fix
(edit) @8008   19 months alexander Updating gmewhtmlemail with corrected threshold restriction
(edit) @8007   19 months alexander Adding in new conversion file for EWAVE and gmewhtmlemail Also adding …
(edit) @8005   19 months alexander Saving fix for HTML formatting on gmewhtmlemail
(edit) @8003   19 months alexander Committing updates to gmewhtmlemail.c (supporting EWAVE service)
(edit) @7999   19 months alexander Committing updated gmewhtmlemail module, and fix for ewthresh
(edit) @7923   21 months paulf fixed overflow in gmewhtmlemail for scnl string
(edit) @7679   23 months baker fix access to uninitialized variable max_epga_g
(edit) @7559   2 years paulf added NoWaveformPlots? option to the gmewhtmlemail code for USBR
(edit) @7555   2 years paulf removed a mean removal test that was not working
(edit) @7537   2 years paulf yet a little more clean up of max_pga
(edit) @7530   2 years paulf a few more debug statements
(edit) @7529   2 years paulf more debugging statements for mapquest generation
(edit) @7526   2 years paulf yet another fix to a fix.....will it end?
(edit) @7521   2 years paulf cleaned up some for loops, thanks larry
(edit) @7503   2 years paulf yet another clean up of this code
(edit) @7487   2 years paulf initialized one more variable in the code
(edit) @7486   2 years paulf more fixes to gmewhtmlemail.c and more gmewhtmlemail.d comments, new …
(edit) @7467   2 years paulf more cleaning up of Scott Hunter bugs
(edit) @7466   2 years paulf fixed a bug in gmewhtmlemail for hasWaveforms flag in process_message()
(edit) @7465   2 years paulf added some more logit() calls to the max_pga computation
(edit) @7435   3 years baker fix declarations in the middle of the code for MSVC
(edit) @7372   3 years scott Addresses most of the issues from 3/23/18 call
(edit) @7214   3 years baker use drop-in replacements gmtime_ew() and localtime_ew() for gmtime_r() and …
(edit) @7213   3 years paulf added spike waveform fix to gmewhtmlemail, new version
(edit) @7212   3 years scott Added background to waveforms; fewer decimal places in lat/lon (for …
(edit) @7210   3 years baker fix Windows build broken by r7183, use uint64_t constants
(edit) @7186   3 years alexander Updating version number on gmewhtmlemail
(edit) @7185   3 years alexander Committing changes to quality check ('>=' replaced by '>')
(edit) @7182   3 years paulf fixed a compile error and a bunch of warnings
(edit) @7179   3 years alexander Updated version info for gmewhtmlemail and pdl2ark
(edit) @7166   3 years alexander Adding some quick fixes to pdl2ark, gmewhtmlemail
(edit) @7165   3 years alexander Committing updates to gmewhtmlemail to handle DELETE messages
(edit) @7003   3 years scott Now uses MaxFacilityDist? for online subscription email addresses.
(edit) @7002   3 years scott Fixed handling of old-style email subscription modifier (v1.6.1)
(edit) @7000   3 years scott Cleaned up subscription handling (v1.6.0)
(edit) @6995   3 years scott Now recognizes email subscriptions when deciding where to send email.
(edit) @6965   3 years scott v1.5.9: Now colors max PGA dot as well as its label
(edit) @6964   3 years scott v1.5.8: Fixed bug where if closest station had the highest PGA, wasn’t …
(edit) @6961   3 years scott v1.5.7: New version of PGA Estimator
(edit) @6957   3 years scott v1.5.6 - new RAD_file command to handle new config file defining the …
(edit) @6956   3 years scott v1.5.5: Fixed units for PGA; get area & region codes from site file
(edit) @6952   3 years scott v1.5.4: Put regions instead of areas in Subject
(edit) @6950   3 years scott v1.5.3: Fixed generation of area codes for subject line
(edit) @6945   3 years scott Recognize new dame file format; display areas in subject
(edit) @6937   3 years scott Added PGA estimation (including java too to compute them)
(edit) @6936   3 years scott Initial round of tasks from 3/22 document
(edit) @6863   4 years kevin restore trunk
(edit) @6622   4 years scott v1.4.2: Fixed formatting of “Too old” log message.
(edit) @6552   5 years scott Changed IgnoreOlderThanHours? command to take a double (v1.4.1)
(edit) @6497   5 years scott v1.4: Show Waveform for Triggered events; suspend email for events older …
(edit) @6479   5 years scott Fixed version date
(edit) @6478   5 years scott v1.3.1: Revised order of sections; new hypocenter icon; added %g to …
(edit) @6477   5 years scott v1.2; MapQuest? option, option to show Region & Area in Facility table; …
(edit) @6457   5 years scott v1.0.2: Changes to map markers; limit plot to 1 point per SNL; use NEIC id …
(edit) @6454   5 years scott Added Disclaimer command
(edit) @6453   5 years paulf changed number of dams to something larger than 200
(edit) @6451   5 years scott Stopped ark2arc from truncating message; brought gmewhtmlemail.d example …
(edit) @6447   5 years scott Fixed potential startup problem w/ gmewhtml; added origin age test to …
(edit) @6446   5 years scott Fixed logging of too-old ARC messages
(edit) @6445   5 years scott Cleaned code to find memory corruption; added IgnoreArcOlderThanSeconds?
(edit) @6442   5 years scott Memory corruption fix
(edit) @6434   5 years scott Fixed display of USGS link
(edit) @6433   5 years scott Made MemCheck? controllable from config file
(edit) @6432   5 years scott New version number
(edit) @6431   5 years scott Timezone fix(?); monitoring of memory corruption; non-GIF waveforms
(edit) @6427   5 years scott Trigger report, waveforms, various cleanup; include updated config file
(edit) @6426   5 years scott New version #s
(edit) @6425   5 years scott Fixed handling of mag&depth in pdl2ark; various things in gmewhtmlemail
(edit) @6422   5 years scott Fixes for paths in ark2arc & configuration for gmewhtmlemail
(add) @6411   5 years scott Initial gmewhtmlemail commit
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