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(edit) @5027   6 years quintiliani Changed syntax for the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …
(edit) @5020   6 years paulf added prototype for GetKeyWithDefault?()
(edit) @5017   6 years paulf modified arg 1 of CreateEvent_ew() to match windows
(edit) @5012   6 years paulf added new named event api to EW, needs testing still
(edit) @4990   7 years quintiliani Added the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …
(edit) @4988   7 years quintiliani Added parameter 'seq' to the functions cpqueuering(), dequeuering() and …
(edit) @4987   7 years quintiliani Added functions cpqueuering(), dequeuering() and enqueuering(), in order …
(edit) @4933   7 years paulf added void setResponseInMeters() to transfer.h
(edit) @4908   7 years paulf earlybirdlib.h synched from ATWC subversion as of today July 12, 2012
(edit) @4906   7 years paulf upgraded earlybirdlib.h to May 2012 public EB release
(edit) @4897   7 years paulf includes need for earlybird modules pick_wcatwc and loc_wcatwc
(edit) @4863   7 years quintiliani Renamed function strlinepointto to parse_arc_next_shadow and declared in …
(edit) @4858   7 years paulf fixed windows compilation issue
(edit) @4855   7 years ilya Added ws_clientII_no_location.h from version 6 of EW to support no …
(edit) @4838   7 years paulf had to rename Arc struct to HypoArc? for windoze, name clash
(edit) @4834   7 years paulf clean up malloc() data for phases when done
(edit) @4833   7 years paulf improved read_arc to have parse_arc() call that populates the new Arc …
(edit) @4811   7 years paulf added ComputeAverageQuality?() func proto
(edit) @4751   7 years scott New module ew_rsamalarm; modified kom to allow for parsing of Windows-INI …
(edit) @4703   7 years scott fixed swap problem for tracebufs to use standard lib; added ewthresh to …
(edit) @4629   7 years paulf added location code handling to TYPE_MAGNITUDE message routines
(edit) @4571   8 years stefan lyris -> google groups
(edit) @4473   8 years kevin Ticket 131: Modified to only define M_PI when needed
(edit) @4452   8 years stefan newer raypicker wants addtl severity
(edit) @4389   8 years scott Make change to transport ring flag backward compatible
(edit) @4335   8 years scott Fixing ring flag for multithreaded startstop (ticket #118)
(edit) @4224   8 years scott Ticket #82: Function to flush a ring
(edit) @4204   8 years scott Proposed fix for Solaris build of ew_spectra_io
(edit) @4194   8 years scott Ewspectra, compute_spectra & sniffspectra
(edit) @4182   8 years scott Preliminary ewspectra w/ needed mods to ws2ts
(edit) @4180   8 years paulf padded to 64 bytes
(edit) @4179   8 years paulf first pass at a ew_spectra message type header
(edit) @4175   8 years scott Library for reading waverserver data, translating it into timeseries data …
(edit) @4152   8 years kevin Added TRACE2_HEADER_VERSION_IS_21
(edit) @4150   8 years kevin Added conversion factor argument to the GetSCNL command in xfrm
(edit) @4138   8 years kevin Added GET_TRACE2_QUALITY GET_TRACE2_PAD macros
(edit) @4133   8 years kevin Fixed TRACE2_HEADER_VERSION_IS_VALID
(edit) @4127   8 years kevin Added support for the conversion factor (ticket #101)
(edit) @4120   8 years kevin Changes for ewdrift to support GetSCNL with 2 input SCNLs
(edit) @4118   8 years kevin Changed from call to BaseXfrmThreadInBuf? to use useInBufPerSCNL flag in …
(edit) @4109   8 years kevin Moved ewdrift logic to base xfrm and changed ewdrift to use base functions
(edit) @4105   8 years kevin Added support for input buffer for each SCNL
(edit) @4104   8 years kevin Added SCNL structure
(edit) @4089   8 years paulf fixed check in of larger stack size
(edit) @4075   8 years quintiliani Added function freequeue() which deallocates the array of queue entries
(edit) @4072   8 years quintiliani Added function cpqueue(). Copies oldest message and its logo into caller's …
(edit) @4062   8 years paulf upped SNCL_INC to 100
(edit) @4058   8 years scott Fixes memory leak (and worse!) in ewintegrate & debias
(edit) @4037   8 years quintiliani Removed from kom.c direct dependence on logit(). Default logging messages …
(edit) @4036   8 years quintiliani It is possible to enable variable expansion over tree levels: 1) No …
(edit) @4027   8 years luetgert Added length variable to the end of SM_INFO structure.
(edit) @4023   8 years luetgert Added time of RSA, trsa, to sm structure.
(edit) @3962   9 years paulf removed the stropts.h include since it is not needed or available in later …
(edit) @3895   9 years stefan named pipe name option
(edit) @3848   9 years scott Added missing field for new startstop module termination behavior
(edit) @3812   9 years paulf removed MAX MIN macro defs and put in include for macros.h
(edit) @3811   9 years scott Make truncation of module paramaters in status display smarter; added …
(edit) @3805   9 years scott Module debias + xfrm library it is built upon
(edit) @3779   9 years scott Remove path-length limitation in status display
(edit) @3778   9 years tim Added structs for a more mature configuration
(edit) @3776   9 years scott Fixed type of mutex field of CHILD to work for all unixes
(edit) @3772   9 years tim add fp_array struct
(edit) @3753   9 years scott Fixed revision #s for startstop & statmgr
(edit) @3751   9 years scott Added threading & recovery from bad reconfigure to startstop
(edit) @3706   9 years tim Add defines for changing byte order
(edit) @3659   10 years paulf added in windows version of gettimeofday
(edit) @3624   10 years tim Add support for tm_to_gregorian function, which converts from tm struct to …
(edit) @3621   10 years tim Adding support for wfdisc params struct
(edit) @3595   10 years dietz Header file for reading/writing coda avg absolute amplitude messages.
(edit) @3591   10 years tim Add support for wfdisc output
(edit) @3577   10 years tim Display Bin Dir, Log Dir and Params Dir in startstop
(edit) @3512   10 years stefan improved permissions?
(edit) @3471   10 years paulf oracle surgery additions
(edit) @3364   10 years kress typo fix
(edit) @3363   10 years kress Fix numerous compile warnings and some tab-related fortran errors for …
(edit) @3181   11 years paulf added MAX_CLASSNAME_SIZE #define
(edit) @3176   11 years paulf increased className array size for linux
(edit) @3175   11 years paulf patched parent.className size so that it can have Linux args
(edit) @3160   11 years paulf added sqlite3.h to earthworm for wave_serverV
(edit) @3153   11 years paulf fixed logit so that addslash is now ew_addslash
(edit) @3073   12 years paulf added OpenDir? and GetNextFileName?
(edit) @3054   12 years paulf updated for 2.1.3 version of libmseed
(edit) @2982   12 years hal added typedef for ulong when we're compining under cygwin
(edit) @2924   12 years paulf modified MAX_CHILD from 100 to 200 as per user request
(edit) @2855   12 years paulf minor MACOSX #ifdefs added
(edit) @2854   12 years paulf changed _UNIX to _MACOSX to be more specific
(edit) @2852   12 years paulf added UNIX check into slash orientation #ifdef
(edit) @2846   12 years paulf _MACOSX fixes
(edit) @2845   12 years paulf added _MACOSX flags
(edit) @2825   12 years stefan linebreaks
(edit) @2794   12 years paulf added for psn4 format
(edit) @2738   12 years stefan stop/restart messages
(edit) @2697   12 years paulf fixed warning for int tNextRefresh
(edit) @2679   12 years stefan lock procs
(edit) @2642   12 years stefan startstop lock, no two at once
(edit) @2626   12 years paulf added in unlink section
(edit) @2624   12 years paulf lockfile added for singleton programs to use
(edit) @2618   12 years stefan miniseed putaway prototypes
(edit) @2375   13 years davek Upped the max menu str len (as defined by wsREPLEN) so that it is large …
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