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    r3207 r3223  
    11Release Notes:  Earthworm Version "working" 
    2 Cleaned out after release of v7.1 on 4/15/2007 
    3 This release is EW V7.2 and has all of 7.0 SCNL upgrades. 
     2Cleaned out after release of v7.2 on 12/28/2007 
     4These notes are for release v7.3  
    7 data_sources/nmxptool 
    8 Version 1.1.7 of Matteo Quintiliani of INGV contributed this very 
    9 useful module which can talk directly to NAQS and produce gap 
    10 free nanometrics data (provided there are no gaps at the source) 
    11 into Earthworm rings. 
    12 Paul Friberg 2007/12/15 
    14 seismic_processing/eqassemble 
    15 Contributed by Peter Lombard of UCB. This module is an alternate head 
    16 of the EW megamodule pipeline for doing hypocentral locations. Its a 
    17 new variant that can mimic how earthquake processing is handled in 
    18 the CISN codes. 
    19 Paul Friberg 2007/10/12 
    21 tankplayer_tools/tanksniff - show a sniffwave output of a tanks contents. 
    22 Saves you having to run tankplayer just to view the content. 
    23 Paul Friberg 2007/08/28 
    25 tankplayer_tools/tankcut - a way to cut out a section of a tankplayer 
    26 tank using a start time and end time or duration. 
    27 Paul Friberg 2007/08/28 
    29 tankplayer_tools/dc2tank - a way to pull data from the DMC data center using 
    30 DHI (requires Java to be installed and DHI2mseed.jar with accompanying files). 
    31 Builds a tank file given a SCNL list and a start time and or end time. 
    32 Paul Friberg 2007/08/28 
    34 tankplayer_tools/tr2dump - dump tankplayer tank as ASCII info to stdout 
    35 (only in makefile.nt and makefile.ux currently) 
    36 Ron Bakerian 2007/07/18  
    38 tankplayer_tools/ms2tank - new miniseed tank writer that works on Windows, 
    39 Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris. 
    40 Paul Friberg 2007/07/17 
    42 tankplayer_tools/ring2tank - suck tracebufs out of a ring and write them 
    43 directly to a tank for later playback. Tested on Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X. 
    44 Paul Friberg 2007/05/20 
    46 tankplayer_tools/smb2tb - take SMB format and convert to tanks. SMB format 
    47 is from the Trinidad Soufrier system (part of the Carribean Tsunami work). 
    48 Ron Bakerian 2007/06/15 
    52 k2ew_tcp v2.43 
    53 Modified the code to handle a dual modem and serial data stream case 
    54 better when the ForceBlockMode is turned on. This mode also requires 
    55 that status requests be turned off and a new k2 firmware version be 
    56 installed for it to work. 
    57 Paul Friberg 2007/12/17 
    59 sniffwave 
    60 Modified the output to show the TRUE datatype (s2,i2,i4,s4) rather than 
    61 the one converted to by WaveMsg2MakeLocal(). 
    62 Paul Friberg 2007/12/14  
    64 WaveMsg2MakeLocal() in libsrc/util/swap.c was improperly using a long 
    65 and assuming it was 4 bytes in length. On some operating systems 
    66 a long can be 8 bytes. I patched the function to use int's instead. 
    67 Paul Friberg 2007/12/14 
    69 pick_ew 
    70 Fixed a bad use of long (where int should have been used) that caused 
    71 long ints to be 8 bytes for the data samples on Linux OS. At the same 
    72 time I put an assertion error inside SwapLong() of swap.c to throw 
    73 a fatal error message to stderr if the sizeof(long)=4 bytes assumption 
    74 is violated. 
    75 Paul Friberg 2007/12/14 
    77 wave_serverV 
    78 Added in Ron Bakerian's sqlite3 implementation for managing gaps and overlapping 
    79 data that previously got dropped by wave_serverV. This feature needs .d entries 
    80 to be activated. See the updated docs. 
    81 Paul Friberg 2007/11/30 
    83 sac2tb (in archiving/tankplayer_tools) 
    84 Fixed a bug where a location code of "<space-char><space-char>" was not being 
    85 converted to "--", the default blank location code. 
    86 Paul Friberg 2007/11/13 
    88 q3302ew 
    89 lib330 was updated by Quanterra to solve some issues. The earthworm 
    90 copy of this was updated and q3302ew uses this new version. 
    91 Paul Friberg 2007/10/24 
    93 display/heli_ewII 
    94 Jean-Michel Douchain pointed out that the IndexFile config setting was 
    95 not working. I fixed it in this new version. 
    96 Paul Friberg 2007/10/24 
    98 archiving/tankplayer_tools/sac2tb  
    99 Matteo Quintiliani of INGV modified sac2tb so that it will read both SAC 
    100 files written in Sparc and Intel byteorder. Previously it only handled 
    101 SPARC (motorola byte order). 
    102 Paul Friberg 2007/10/22 
    104 Fixes to many export modules as per Alex Nercessian recommendation: 
    105 This short variable is found in the files: 
    106 export_actv/export_actv.c:      char     processor[15]; 
    107 export/export.c:                char     processor[15]; 
    108 export/export_scn_pri.c:        char     processor[15]; 
    109 ringdup/ringdup.c:              char     processor[15]; 
    110 Made them all 17 or in some cases 20 to be safe. 
    111 Paul Friberg 2007/09/20 
    113 import_gen_pasv: was using a bad way to strncpy the module ID such that 
    114 errors could happen and the module could fail at startup. 
    115 Paul Friberg 2007/09/18 
    117 remux_tbuf: 
    118 modified to use a common code base for the remuxing since I reused it 
    119 in a number of tankpayer_tools modules. 
    120 Paul Friberg 2007/08/28 
    122 localmag: 
    123 space for saveXMLdir not malloc'ed.  Fixed using strdup. 
    124 Mitch Withers 2007/07/20 
    126 wave_serverV: 
    127 data_type's in tanks were turning up with blank values! 
    128 There was a serious memory alignment bug in calls to WaveMsg2MakeLocal() - fixed, 
    129 and the return of WaveMsg2MakeLocal() was checked for bad values, but the 
    130 return which was being reported was the previous packet, not the bad one - fixed, 
    131 Added more details about datatype to the error warnings for bad packets. 
    132 Paul Friberg 2007/05/28 
    134 gmew: 
    135 Fixed a bug reported by Ali Moeinvaziri of Utah.A qsort() call 
    136 had some args switched! This caused some segfaults and was seen 
    137 as far back as v6.2! Thanks to Ali for this catch. 
    138 Fixed by Paul Friberg 2007/05/15 
    140 sgram: 
    141 sgram.c had a number of fgets() calls that had 
    142 a bad specification of the size of the char * array. This 
    143 has been fixed. A new version is available. 
    144 Bug reported by Alex Nercessian, Fixed by Paul Friberg 2007/05/15 
    146 k2ew_com,k2ew_tcp: 
    147 Added a CtrlHandler (Windows only) to catch/ignore user logoff events 
    148 so that k2ew console windows will survive user logouts when Earthworm 
    149 is started with startstop_service. Also modified to log a descriptive 
    150 message instead of a numeric value for handled signals.   
    151 Changed version to v2.42.  2007/05/09 Lynn Dietz 
    153 file2ring: 
    154 Added optional command-line argument <sequence#> to be supplied as  
    155 any positive integer. File2ring does sequence%256 before handing the  
    156 sequence to transport, so an ever-increasing integer can be used as  
    157 the sequence# argument for repeated invocations of file2ring.  
    158 This feature can be used to implement Earthworm-style messages and  
    159 heartbeats from non-Earthworm scripts. Remember to keep a seperate 
    160 sequence counter for each <instid modid msgtype> used within each 
    161 script. If the sequence# argument is ommitted, file2ring will load 
    162 the message in transport with sequence=0.  2007/08/02 Lynn Dietz 
    164 naqs2ew: 
    165 Added three new Nanometrics instrument types: Taurus,Apollo,Trident305. 
    166 These instruments will now be properly identified in log messages. 
    167 2007/10/02 Lynn Dietz 
    169 eqprelim:  
    170 Added new config command "ReportCoda" to control whether coda information 
    171 is written to output. If ReportCoda=0, no coda info will be written, 
    172 even if some exists at the time the event is reported. If ReportCoda is 
    173 non-zero, coda information that exists at the time of report will be  
    174 included. Default is ReportCoda=1 which is the previous default behavior. 
    175 The new command is optional.  2007/11/29 Lynn Dietz 
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