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  • trunk/ewdoc/WEB_DOC/cmd/wave_serverV_cmd.html

    r2351 r3167  
    7272                <A HREF="#Debug">Debug</A> 
    7373                <A HREF="#SocketDebug">SocketDebug</A> 
     74                <A HREF="#UsePacketSyncDb">UsePacketSyncDb</A> 
     75                <A HREF="#PacketSyncDbFile">PacketSyncDbFile</A> 
     76                <A HREF="#PurgePacketSyncDb">PurgePacketSyncDb</A> 
     299<A NAME="PacketSyncDbFile">  <!-- command name as anchor inside quotes -->     
     300<PRE><B>PacketSyncDbFile <font color=red>name</font>  
     301</B><!-- command args ... -->            
     303<BLOCKQUOTE> <!-- command description goes here --> 
     304Defines the filename of the database to use for asynchronous packet buffering. 
     305The argument <font color=red>name</font> may contain path information in addition 
     306to the name of the file. This setting is only valid if 
     307<A HREF="#UsePacketSyncDb">UsePacketSyncDb</A> is set to 1. 
     308<PRE><!-- Default and example go here   --> 
     309Default:  TB2PACKETS.SL3DB 
     310Example:  PacketSyndDbFile "FOO.DB" 
    296315<A NAME="PleaseContinue">  <!-- command name as anchor inside quotes -->     
    297316<PRE><B>PleaseContinue <font color=red>X</font> 
    306325Default:  0 (does not continue after tank file errors) 
    307326Example:  PleaseContinue 1 
     331<A NAME="PurgePacketSyncDb">  <!-- command name as anchor inside quotes -->     
     332<PRE><B>PurgePacketSyncDb <font color=red>U</font> 
     333</B><!-- command args ... -->            
     335<BLOCKQUOTE> <!-- command description goes here --> 
     336Defines whether wave_serverV should purge all asynchronous trace buffer  
     337packet data on startup. If the argument <font color=red>U</font> = 1 then the 
     338packet data is deleted on startup. If it is 0 then packet data is not purged on  
     339startup. Note that packet data is purged periodically during the operation of 
     340wave_serverV if <A HREF="#UsePacketSyncDb">UsePacketSyncDb</A> is set to 1. 
     341<PRE><!-- Default and example go here   --> 
     342Default:  0 
     343Example:  PurgePacketSyncDb 1 
     662<A NAME="UsePacketSyncDb">  <!-- command name as anchor inside quotes -->     
     663<PRE><B>UsePacketSyncDb <font color=red>U</font>     
     664</B><!-- command args ... -->            
     666<BLOCKQUOTE> <!-- command description goes here --> 
     667Defines whether to buffer asynchronous trace buffer packets to a database and 
     668resynchronize them into the client streams. This feature may be turned on by  
     669specifing 1 for <font color=red>U</font>. This feature is off by default. If specied the 
     670configuration parameters <A HREF="#PacketSyncDbFile">PacketSyncDbFile</A> and  
     671<A HREF="#PurgePacketSyncDb">PurgePacketSyncDb</A> may be used to  
     672configure its behavior but are not required. 
     673<PRE><!-- Default and example go here   --> 
     674Default: 0 
     675Example: UsePacketSyncDb 1 
    626680<A NAME="sample_config"> 
    627681<H2><BR>3. Sample Configuration File </H2> 
    772826#AbortOnSingleTankFailure 1 
     828#UsePacketSyncDb Uncomment entry and set to 1 to use embedded db functionality 
     829# to manage asychronous trace buffer packets. Currently this is either on or off 
     830# for all SNCLs. 
     831#UsePacketSyncDb 1 
     833#PacketSyncDbFile - Specifies name of database file to use. If not specified 
     834# and UsePacketSyncDb == 1 then the default PCKTSYNC.SL3DB is used. 
     835#PacketSyncDbFile "TB2PACKETS.SL3DB" 
     837#PurgePacketSyncD Uncomment and specify one of the following to control  
     838# how long out of sync data is kept in the database if UsePacketSyncDb=1. 
     839# 1 : Purge data on startup 
     840# 0 : Do not purge data on startup. Obsolete data is intermittently purged 
     841# during the operation of wave_serverV is UsePacketSyncDb is 1. 
     842#PurgePacketSyncDb 1 
  • trunk/ewdoc/WEB_DOC/ovr/wave_serverV_ovr.html

    r2355 r3167  
    2929<LI><A HREF="#ChangeIndnum">Changing Number of Index Files</A> 
    3030<LI><A HREF="#ChangeStructnum">Changing Number of Structure Files</A> 
     31<LI><A HREF="#ChangeAsyncHandling">Changing How Asynchronous Data is Handled</A> 
    3132<LI><A HREF="#ChangeOther">Changing Other Configuration Parameters</A> 
    287288Then shut down wave_serverV, copy the existing tank structure file to the new 
    288289name, and start wave_serverV. 
    289  <P> 
     291<LI><B><A NAME="ChangeAsyncHandling">Change</A> How Asynchronous Data is Handled?</B>  
     292Wave_serverV can now be configured to deal with asynchronous data. Data packets that  
     293overlap in the data stream can be buffered to a database file. As data is supplied to  
     294client applications this data can be resynchronized into the stream. There are a few configuration  
     295commands that can be used to control this behavior. To turn on this processing set  
     296<A HREF="../cmd/wave_serverV_cmd.html#UsePacketSyncDb">UsePacketSyncDb</A> to 1. The 
     297database name defaults to TB2PACKETS.SL3DB but path and filename may be specified with the 
     298<A HREF="../cmd/wave_serverV_cmd.html#PacketSyncDbFile">PacketSyncDbFile</A> setting. The  
     299packet database is purged occasionally during runtime, deleting any packets older than  
     300the oldest packet in the tanks. The <A HREF="../cmd/wave_serverV_cmd.html#PurgePacketSyncDb">PurgePacketSyncDb</A> 
     301may be used to tell wave_serverV to purge the database on startup. These settings may be 
     302modified in the configuration file followed by restarting wave_serverV. 
    290304 <LI><B><A NAME="ChangeOther">Change</A> any other wave_serverV parameter?</B> 
    291305All other wave_serverV configuration parameters not listed above may be 
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