source: trunk/src/seismic_processing/wftimefilter @ 3183

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
makefile.nt 991 bytes 2513   14 years stefan GLOBALFLAGS for c compiler from ew_nt.cmd
makefile.sol 974 bytes 1968   16 years friberg cleaned up errant space at the end of the B variable, gmake doesn't like …
makefile.ux 1.1 KB 3183   13 years paulf improved unix makefiles to use CFLAGS for linking phase
wftimefilter.c 40.5 KB 2710   14 years paulf fixed heartbeat sprintf() to cast time_t as long
wftimefilter.d 4.7 KB 2609   14 years dietz added comments about default values for optional commands.
wftimefilter.desc 3.0 KB 2112   15 years davek Updated to include description of warning regarding filtering of bad …
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