source: trunk/src/archiving @ 7220

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
archman 7063   18 months baker fix wrong byte count to memcpy() in get_socket_address()
cont_trig 7027   18 months baker delete unused variables (fix warning: unused variable [-Wunused-variable])
ew2mseed 7220   15 months baker fix logit() format mismatches
ewmseedarchiver 6263   4 years et Fixed 'clean_bin'
menlo_report 6852   3 years kevin Modifed to fix format errors
mole 7107   16 months baker use return THR_NULL_RET (see include/platform.h) instead of …
mseedarchplayer 5857   6 years paulf a few more prototype warnings gone
nq2wws 7082   17 months baker linking on OS X needs -lpthread; -pthread is ignored by llvm
nq2wws_ack 6803   3 years et Merge 'win64mods' branch into trunk (revs=6503-6640) mergeinfo: …
ringplayer 7147   16 months paulf adding new module from Andrew Good at Caltech, also in AQMS
runwws 6237   4 years stefan ticket #79 global inst id
tankplayer 6803   3 years et Merge 'win64mods' branch into trunk (revs=6503-6640) mergeinfo: …
tankplayer_tools 7127   16 months paulf removed memory.h from smb2tb module
trig2disk 7106   16 months baker fix 'void' function returning a value on Windows
wave_serverV 7129   16 months paulf another memory.h removal
waveman2disk 7054   18 months baker remove conditional code that is always false
Winston1.2.12 6837   3 years kevin Updated Swarm 2.5.9 and Winston 1.2.12
ws2matlab 5319   6 years tim libew.lib makefile changes
Makefile 3.1 KB 6503   3 years et Commented out 'mole' because it can't be compiled with MSVS2015.
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