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3#                    hyp2000_mgr's Configuration File
5MyModuleId MOD_EQPROC   # Label outgoing messages with this module id.
6                        # This program is part of a mega-module which is
7                        # started by eqproc or eqprelim.  All child
8                        # processes of eqproc/eqprelim should use the
9                        # same module id.
11RingName   HYPO_RING    # Write output to this transport ring
13LogFile    2            # 0=no log; 1=errors; 2=errors & hypocenters
15SourceCode W            # Label summary cards with this character to
16                        # identify them as coming from Earthworm
18#SeparatePRTdir  ./prt  # a optional setting that says write separate PRT files to this dir
19                        # dir must exist, otherwise just a single PRT file is written
20                        # prt files are named $time.$qid.prt where time is $ot and $qid is quake id
22#DoNotRemoveArc          # an optional flag that says don't remove phase file and arc file after each run
23                        # the temporary files for each run (which get overwritten with each quake are left behind)
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