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1This files contains a list of desired enhancements to Earthworm.
31. Integrate heli_standalone and heli_ew so that the main body of
4code is common to both. DONE
62. In the heli programs, the number of channels should be set in the
7configuration file. DONE
93. Integrate hypoellipse as an alternative locator to hypoinverse.
114. Statmgr should include the module ID (name or number) in its messages
12about a module being dead. With lots of instances of a given module running
13on one machine (e.g. k2ew) this would help identify the problem module.
14   Done: PNL 6/30/00
165. Statmgr should reset the number of emails, pages; not stop forever.
186. libsrc/utils/site.c should use qsort() and bsearch() for lookups. This
19would save a bunch of CPU time in binder, eqproc, eqprelim.
217. eqproc should set heartbeat rate with a HeartbeatInt command instead
22of the obscure way it does now (thru rpt_dwell).
248. strong motion items:
25   a. change TYPE_STRONGMOTION message to be a single-component message
26   b. add eventid to TYPE_STRONGMOTION message to be used if the
27      module creating said messages was triggered by an arc message
28      and thus knows the eventid (this will be an external eventid).
29   c. if eventid is given, load data into dbms as associated with
30      the event.
31   d. new api call to pull out all SM data associated with an eventid,
32      where eventid is an external id?. Or have the ability to look
33      up the DBMS evenid given an external eventid.
359. When startstop on Windows NT can't find the executable copy of a program
36   startstop dies, and gives no clue as to why it died.  It would be better
37   if startstop logged an error message and kept running.
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